Insurance FAQ’s

Southside Chicago Dentist

Keep in mind that dental benefits/insurance started in the 1970’s. The benefit amount at that time was approximately $1000.00. Lot’s has changed in dentistry since the 70’s. Unfortunately, the amount of your dental benefit is not one of them.  We are in an age where dentist have the ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants, treat gum disease with laser technology, and take 3D images of the head and neck area to diagnose and treat most oral conditions. Yet the dental benefit remains the same.  Our office will help you maximize your benefit if you have any. Don’t think you are not able to have care if you don’t have dental benefits/insurance. We offer payment plans, financing,  and accept all methods of payment.   Please see below for some frequently asked questions.

Q: Does The Healthcare Reform Act/ Obamacare cover dental?

A: No, not for adults, only children.


Q: Are you in any PPO plans?
A: No. We are considered out of network providers. You do have coverage In and Out-of-network with PPO Plans.

Q: What dental insurance should I get?
A: If they are offering an Indemnity or PPO at your work choose these. You’ll never have to pick an unknown dentist from a list. You’ll have freedom to see who you choose.

Q: Can I see a dentist if I don’t have insurance?
A: Yes. Most of our practice is fee for service. We do offer cash discounts and also work with  finance companies to help patients extend out payments. We use Care Credit, Springstone, & CitiFinancial. Many of our patients once aware of the cost, save until they are able to start treatment.

Q: Should I get an HMO?
A: If you are given a choice of an HMO or Indemnity/PPO plan thru an employer the Indemnity/PPO is better. They don’t have a list of dentist to choose from. You won’t have to wait for a specialty referral. HMO’s have rules and regulations that limit a dentists options for what is covered. Having a relationship with your dentist is important, coming up with a treatment plan and not having the insurance company dictate what to do is in your best interest.

Q: What is an HMO plan?
A: HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. They pay the dentist you are signed up with a certain amount a month. That will include free x-rays & exam, cleanings, when it comes to treatment they have co-payments. For example most don’t cover tooth colored fillings, they don’t pay for porcelain on a crown so what does that mean? The office will charge extra for the work that is not covered. Which will come out to the same or if not more expense for dental treatment.