Your Dream Team for Beautiful Smiles and Faces

Your Dream Team for Beautiful Smiles and Faces

Next visit Exam with Dr. Yetta McCullom

Your general dentist has your best care in mind and would like a bit of help with your care.  As a periodontist  I assist your dentist and hygienist with managing your periodontal health.   Welcome to my office/website. I will examine you, talk with you and offer the most ideal care for your situation. All I do is treat gum disease, also called periodontal disease, also called pyorrhea (nothing good ends in rhea) . For your first appointment I will review your medical and family health history,  likely measure around every tooth, touch the gums around the teeth, check to see if any teeth are loose, and take x-rays if you don’t bring them. Then we’ll talk over options. Have some ideas in mind about what you want long term when it comes to keeping your teeth or loosing them. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and is associated with other health issues.  There is hope. Patients are often surprised at what can be done to help them manage and maintain health.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Dr.Yetta McCullom

Dentist in Chatham Chicago IL – College Students Need Dentists, Too

The other day, a patient of mine came in for a regular check up — for the first time in two years. She is a college student who spends most of the year away at school. With everything going on at school, it can be easy to forget about scheduling visits to see the Dentist Chatham. We see this a lot with patients; they maintain regular check-ups from childhood all the way through high school, and then they go away to school and disappear for a few years. When they come back, though, they have to make up for lost time, and they face more complications than the patients who have been regularly visiting their Chatham Dentist.

When my patient stopped in for an appointment, she was showing the beginnings of gum disease. There was a lot of build-up on her teeth, and her gums were beginning to recede. Had more time passed, the periodontal disease could have advanced to a more severe stage. Although it was clear that she was trying to keep up with her oral health through regular brushing and flossing, the Dentist Chatham Chicago has the tools to target and clean the spots that are easily missed.

It is important to be proactive about making appointments to prevent gum disease and other complications such as tooth decay and teeth pain. If you stop in to see your Chatham Chicago Dentist over winter break and then over summer break, you will be able to maintain good oral health. If this timing does not work, you could also schedule appointments during a fall break and spring break. No matter what you decide, it is much more convenient to stop in twice a year for a cleaning than it would be to need to come home for restorative treatment during midterms.

To schedule your next appointment with your Dentist in Chatham Chicago IL, give our office a call.

Welcome New Patients

Ready to have your desires for your dental needs met? Are you longing to hear the words “Your smile is lovely”?  Or, are you searching for improved health and no more painful toothaches?  Let’s see if the Dental Dream Team is a good match for you.   To benefit the most from your complimentary consultation please consider a few things. First, what are your expectations? Secondly, what is affordable for you a yearly basis to fulfill those expectations? Think about how important quality of work is for you.   Let us know if  you suffer from the fear we often have towards dentistry. Your consultation will touch on all of this and whatever else you’d like to discuss.
Yes, your first visit is complimentary;  fee’s do start after that.

Your second visit will likely be an examination with either Dr. Robin Ferguson or Dr. Yetta McCullom. If your expectations include a kissable beautiful smile, Dr. Ferguson is our smile doc. If your expectation is to get a healthy mouth by treating gum disease, you will likely start with Dr. Yetta McCullom  and her laser treatment for gum disease, LANAP.  If you are in pain and need a tooth removed, our oral surgeon Dr. Cornell McCullom will be the first to lay hands on you to relieve you of your pain. Just this morning his patient said “You are so gentle”.   As you see, we have your care as our priority and will do all we can to help you reach the goals you’ve set.
We often hear questions about dental insurance and expense. Look at my friends website Under the insurance tab is a great video explaining dental benefits. We have office payment plans and work with 3 finance companies to help you get the treatment you need within a realistic budget.
We do not take the medical card and are not able to provide free care.

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