Root Canals

South Side Chicago Dentist

Our goal is to preserve teeth whenever we can. Root canals  help us achieve that goal. This conservative therapy eradicates dental infection and may save your damaged tooth from extraction.

Tooth Anatomy

Each tooth has an inner chamber that houses pulp, commonly called the nerve. The pulp contains canals that lead to the tooth root. These root canals transport blood and nutrients to the root and carry away toxins. When these canals sustain damage from a deep cavity, fracture, or other trauma, infection can set in and cause pain and pressure. Left untreated, the pulp can die, and you may experience gum, bone, and tooth loss.

The Root Canal Procedure

We’ll clean out the canals of your tooth and insert a biocompatible filler to alleviate infection and eliminate discomfort. A custom crown mounted atop your tooth will beautifully renew your smile and protect your tooth from additional damage.

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