Mole/DPN and Skin Tag Removal

South Side Chicago Dentist


Dr. Cornell McCullom in addition to performing surgeries in the mouth also does minor facial surgery like mole removal. His education  and experience as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with the additional medical degree places him in the unique area of both oral and facial surgeon.

Skin Tags

Skin Tags can be an annoyance. As we age, stuff just starts showing up that really needs to be removed. Its a minor surgical procedure that can hep you feel better about appearance. One less aggravation in life is a good thing.

Skin Tag Procedure

A topical anesthetic is applied and left on for 30 minutes to numb the skin. The skin tag is then removed with the probe of a radio-frequency machine. Occasionally, you may feel a mild tingle.

The procedure takes 15-30 minutes. Post treatment, the skin looks scabby before it falls off (darker spot instead of the skin tag) and usually heals within 3-7 days. Afterwards, the skin looks clear. Skin tags are a common problem which affect most people. It is quite common to see most members in the same family having similar skin tags. Skin tags appear most commonly on the face, neck, underarms and other skin fold areas. Tags are benign, however they should be removed as they grow in size and get caught on jewelry and clothing, causing pain and scars.

Friction with clothes and jewelry may play a role with the cause of tags. Most people have them removed for cosmetic reasons and to eliminate the discomfort / annoyance with rubbing on clothing.