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Ready to have your desires for your dental needs met? Are you longing to hear the words “Your smile is lovely”?  Or, are you searching for improved health and no more painful toothaches?  Let’s see if the  South Side Chicago Dental Dream Team is a good match for you.   To benefit the most from your complimentary consultation please consider a few things. First, what are your expectations? Secondly, what is affordable for you a yearly basis to fulfill those expectations? Think about how important quality of work is for you.   Let us know if  you suffer from the fear we often have towards dentistry. Your consultation will touch on all of this and whatever else you’d like to discuss. Yes, your first visit is complimentary;  fee’s do start after that.

Your second visit will likely be an examination with either Dr. Robin Ferguson or Dr. Yetta McCullom. If your expectations include a kissable beautiful smile, Dr. Ferguson is our smile doc. If your expectation is to get a healthy mouth by treating gum disease, you will likely start with Dr. Yetta McCullom  and her laser treatment for gum disease, LANAP.  If you are in pain and need a tooth removed, our oral surgeon Dr. Cornell McCullom will be the first to lay hands on you to relieve you of your pain. Just this morning his patient said “You are so gentle”.   As you see, we have your care as our priority and will do all we can to help you reach the goals you’ve set.

We often hear questions about dental insurance and expense. Look at my friends website www.johndds.com. Under the insurance tab is a great video explaining dental benefits. We have office payment plans and work with 3 finance companies to help you get the treatment you need within a realistic budget. We do not take the medical card and are not able to provide free care.

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